why us

AK was able to

To put themselves skillfully in a position that enables them to easily anticipate the needs of the industrial market by gathering skills and information resulting from years of direct experience with the ability to control the social environment and the needs of a market that motivates and leads the consumer. With a strong desire to develop the untapped Egyptian market force to meet the needs of the local market and the export market for garments and textiles of all kinds by providing the latest technology required for producers, this desire is the dominant spirit that drives things in the company. This comes hand in hand with the concern of customer service and training to optimize the use of all the products in which the company deals.

AK Corporation

Import & Trading All Machinery, Equipment & Machinery Ready Made Garments Plotter Batron Drawings, Automatic & Semi Automatic Automatic Cloth Tables, Laser Machines & All Automatic & Custom Knitting Machines New & Used.

We have experience in processing ready-made garment factories from machinery, machinery, industry machinery, garment design, processing production lines and processing production lines