mission vision

AK Corporation

Is dedicated to continuing to build a good reputation in providing reliable services and high quality products. Through its products, it aims to support and develop a flourishing Egyptian garment industry in line with the latest fashion, by expanding the pool of talent and increasing the number of ready-made garments manufacturers that are supplied to the Egyptian market and exported to foreign markets.
Our vision
Our vision is to provide garment manufacturers in Egypt with all their needs and provide advanced machines with the highest possible quality. We also hope that one day we will be able to help the Egyptian textile industry to become equal with the most advanced and successful international markets, while saving time and money without sacrificing quality at any cost. We have the necessary expertise in the processing of ready-made garment factories, machinery, machinery, manufacturing and designing ready-made garments.

Our principles

Recognize the value of the customer seeking to satisfy him
Credibility and commitment are the basis for our transactions
We promise to provide the best level of after sales service
Achieving acceptable price for the customer in machinery and equipment
Commitment to specifications and addition to delivery on the date or before the deadline.